Zodiaque by Lalique an Homage to the Year of the Rat

06 Gennaio 2020 -
DI Redazione

Symbol of prosperity and fertility, 2020 marks the Year of the Rat in the Chinese zodiac.  In honor of this animal considered by tradition to be the bearer of wealth and good fortune, the timeless French luxury lifestyle brand Lalique has created a collection of home accessories called Zodiaque.  Envisioned as an homage to this formidable sign, the collection is composed of two sculptures Rat and Souris,  which make up the newest addition to Lalique’s already vast bestiary collection for the home.

Sinuous and elegant, the two graceful sculptures of the Zodiaque collection, Rat and Souris, each with a little mischievous glint in its eyes, are all made of delicately worked crystal. Souris is available in two sizes. Its smaller collection is crafted in either transparent, gold or black crystal; while its larger version, part of a limited edition of 188 pieces, comes in four designs: clear, gold, pink or clear with gold detailing.

The other sculpture in the collection is Rat.  Designed in crystal and hunched forward on two feet with a proud gleam in its eyes, this piece comes in three designs:  clear, gold or with gold detailing.  Created as an homage to this zodiac animal, Rat is a sculpture which embodies those characteristics this sign is known for, such as ambition, intelligence and passion.  This small animal of the Chinese calendar, refined and honored by Lalique’s newest collection, is also considered to be the embodiment of persuasion, energy, resourcefulness and the ability to adapt to situations with great ease while overcoming obstacles – an excellent wish for all in the new year.

By Liana Bicchieri