Two Spectacular Wines to Pair with Mussels

03 Febbraio 2020 -
DI Redazione

Exquisitely unpretentious and divinely satisfying, a bowl of fresh, steaming mussels served with a glass of wine is a seafood-lover’s delight - not to mention a dinner perfect for sharing. Travel through the Camapania region of Italy, or almost anywhere in the country for that matter, and you’ll find Impepata di Cozze (Peppered Mussels) on the menu of many great seaside restaurants. This classic and unpretentious recipe calls for simply steaming fresh mussels in their own juices with only a generous amount of cracked black pepper. That’s it - no fuss, no embellishment - just easy goodness. Here, our sensorial analyst Luca Maroni shares two spectacular wines to pair with these fantastic mussels.

Baccaro Grillo 2018 Cantina Cellar

Grillo is a white grape variety from the area of Sicily. Often associated as a varietal used in making Marsala, Grillo is commonly used to make still white wines as well. Maroni describes the wines from Cantina Cellaro as ‘marvelously powerful.’ Straw-colored, the Baccaro Grillo has a delicate aroma that is floral and fruity, with hints of apple and exotic fruit. Its flavors are fresh, full, sapid, balanced and persistent, with a pleasant bitter aftertaste reminiscent of almonds.

Don Andrea 36*05 Greco Don Andrea 36*05

Greco is a white grape variety, most heavily grown in the southern regions of Campania and Puglia, with lesser plantings in Lazio, Tuscany and even in Liguria. ‘Fleshy with an acidity which adds a hint of salty crispness, the wines from Don Andrea 36*05 are an expression of the admirable richness which can be extracted from grapes,’ explains Maroni. ‘The excellence and clarity of the winemaking allow for a purity of style which brings out the respective profiles of each varietal. The Greco Don Andrea 36*05 is particularly fleshy.’ Yellow-hued, this wine reveals aromas of tropical fruit, honey and broom flowers. It finishes with a note of bitter almonds, a clean palate, and a touch of minerality that balances out both the bitterness and sweetness of this unique wine.

Liana Bicchieri