Valcucine’s Interactive Kitchen

28 Aprile 2016 -
DI Bycam
h1 style="text-align: center">Valcucine's Interactive Kitchen

Spotlight on Valcucine for its newest high tech kitchen which boasts a new approach to lifestyle and seals the look with a sleek design and original surface finishes. One look at the company's latest creation, the interactive kitchen Genius Loci, and it's easy to understand why Valcucine refers to it as Innovation for Life. It is without a doubt a kitchen that is designed around the concepts of easy-living, novelty and timelessness. Genius Loci is fitted with an interactive system, V-Motion Kit, created for a homeowner who knows exactly what they want and requires nothing less than leading edge innovation.

Genius Loci Valcucine

The drawers and cabinets come with an intelligent opening and closing system which allow for easy use with the simple touch of hand or foot. In this state-of-the-art model everything truly is right at the tips of the fingers. Easy use is furthered by the Air Logica System which controls the faucet and the lights lining the back of the kitchen as well.

Genius Loci Valcucine

The concept of the innovative kitchen for easy-living is apparent throughout Valcucine's latest design. Its semi-professional counter tops, made in stainless steel, are part of the Gourmet System which allows for the easy insertion of a series of cooking elements such as drains, completely integrated hoods, fiberglass induction stove tops and hidden storage. Each element flows seamlessly with the kitchen creating a smooth working surface that guarantees the highest performance levels and ease of use while cooking.

Genius Loci Valcucine

Genius Loci and several other of Valcucine's models, Artematica, Riciclantica and Forma Mentis, are available in some of the newest and most exclusive surface finishes each of which offers a unique sensory experience that evidences both style and pleasure. Kitchens are finished in soft elm, satiny aluminum or with the latest in glass surfaces, some able to confer a great sense of depth and vibrate upon contact, while others are made with material that is warm to the touch.