Enjoying the Sweet Life at Ristorante Otivm in Milan

25 Settembre 2019 -
DI Redazione

Wander the center of Milan, Italyʼs contemporary yet traditional cosmopolitan hub, and youʼll find Otivm, a restaurant embracing all of the elegant contrasts which define this city. The name comes from a play on the Italian word ozio, meaning an idleness with a sense of pleasure, joy and fun, and Otvimʼs refined design and almost metaphysical atmosphere evoke just that feeling. It is refined surrealism in a space, and for those who enjoy intriguing places and great food itʼs a stop not to be missed.

Located in the heart of the city, inside a building designed by Gio Ponti near the famous Piazza Cordusio, the architects and designers of N+M Design Studio found a location which was the perfect inspiration for creating a restaurant which revolutionizes and transforms the classical standards of architecture.

Otvim, which stands out for its theatrical and surrealistic ambience, is the concept and design of Valerio Tremiterra and his partners. The project, which was inspired by the art of Giorgio De Chirico, known for his paintings with distorted perspectives, tilted grounds and illogical perspective, uses elegant and refined lines to combine the principles of interior design with those of pure fundamental architecture.

Inside, arches with clean neoclassical lines were specifically constructed to give a strong sense of perspective, while the background employs tones of yellow and orange to add a sense of vagueness allowing the individual eye to interpret what it will.

The interiorʼs seductive and mystical atmosphere, is adorned with exclusive furnishings such as SCAB Designʼs elegant Lisa armchairs, used here to create a sort of checkerboard effect alternating between blue and white.

Otvim was conceived to push traditional concepts of architecture, with its interior seeming to pop from the pages of a surrealist artistʼs sketchbook. Entering is like opening the door to another world of abstract dimensions. With their careful study of lines, colors and elements, Nick Maltese and the architects at N+M Design Studio used their artistic vision to create a space which comes alive.

The careful attention to fine details spills over into Otvimʼs menu as well. Here the elegance of the space goes hand-in-hand with the top quality cuisine of Chief Gianluca Rosano Wayne. The menu offers incredible fusion dishes mixing a touch of Asian and South American flavors with the most traditional and classical of Milanese cooking.

Liana Bicchieri