Mediterranean-Inspired Accessories by Natuzzi Italia

23 Agosto 2019 -
DI Redazione

Natuzzi, Italyʼs largest furniture house with more than 1,200 stores worldwide, is bringing a touch of the Med to our homes with its new home accessories collection inspired by the countryʼs rich history and architecture. Made using natural materials and worked according to local traditions and craftsmanship, these pieces play off of some of the peninsulaʼs most iconic architectural forms, from the ancient Trulli of Albarello to the baroque churches of Salento. With organic forms evoking the Mediterranean and its neutral colors, these timeless accessories bring a sense of nature into the home.

A series of lighting designed by Marcel Wanders called Dami draws its lines from the glass jugs traditionally used to ferment wine. The hand-blown glass covering is marked with metallic hues which cast an intriguing effect when lit. The Dami collection is available in floor lights, ceiling lights and table lamps.

For home decor, the pair of decorative vases Laf are a result of the creative flair of Rometti for Natuzzi and take their cue from an antique bronze container remodeled and simplified with clean modern lines. A central ring, created using a scratching technique, gives the vases a soft texture.

Another vase, Capas, designed by Ugo La Pietra for Natuzzi, reinterprets the old clay capasone once used across the Mediterranean to hold wine and today found decorating gardens in Puglia. Capas is handcrafted in clay with etchings and an opaque enamel coating.

Captivating modern lines characterize another vase, Junah, which evokes the feel of the ancient Mediterranean and is also handcrafted in clay with an opaque finish. Yet another, Eard, harkens back to the allure of the classics, drawing on the curves typical of a technique known as tuttotondo (all round) often employed in creating the shapes of ancient venuses. Classical amphora find their modern renditions in Natuzziʼs collection as well with the elegant Ambula, a vase both contemporary and classical.

Marcel Wanders gives a nod to the panorama of the UNESCO World Heritage town of Alberobello located in Puglia in the south of Italy with Dandy, a collection of candle holders. This historical town with narrow streets is known for its conical, white-washed Trulli houses and its working of a particular stone known as Pietra di Trani, used most often in local construction for floors and facades and which is also the main material used in Alberobelloʼs cathedral facing out towards the Adriatic sea. Dandy is a collection of five candle holders which play on the idea of deconstructing and reconstructing the geometric volumes typical of the Trulli. Made with Pietra di Trani, which is a chalky rock notable for its sandy beige hues and irregular veining, the candle holders are chiseled with water and then smoothed and polished by hand until the fine grains become soft and silky.

The final touch to Natuzziʼs collection are a series of scented candles called Trullini suggestive of the perfumes reminiscent of Puglia. Designed by Pasquale Natuzzi Jr. and Christophe Clair, these candles and home fragrances employ natural oil extracts. They come in five fragrances each distinguished by its unique color and a keystone, evocative of those once used as a personal signature to denote the builder of a Trulli. Once the candle or essence has finished the handmade clay container can be kept.

Liana Bicchieri