The Iconic Versace Jungle Print Comes to the Table

05 Marzo 2020 -
DI Redazione

Prestigious and exotic, Versace’s jungle print is an absolute icon of style - a legend that has taken its place in  fashion history, transformed some long-held conventions of feminine beauty and sensuality, and even helped to forever change image searching on the internet. This season the famed  Versace print is not only coloring its Spring-Summer 2020 runways but is also gracing tables with the Versace Jungle accessories collection.

This is the year that the fashion house is marking the twenty-year anniversary of its distinctive green jungle motif reinterpreting it as part of the women’s Spring-Summer collection and giving a nod to that celebrated moment when singer Jennifer Lopez walked onto the stage of the 2000 Grammy Awards wearing the now-famous silk-chiffon Jungle Dress designed for her by long-time friend Donatella Versace. That one jaw-dropping moment effectively cast the dress and its signature print into the collective imagination, as millions of internet users flooded search engines with queries for photos of J.Lo’s gown, prompting the creation of Google Images.

Now, the Italian fashion company’s celebrated pattern adorns the house as well, as part of its home decor and accessories line for the table. Made of the finest porcelain, the Jungle collection consists of a selection of dishes, a tray, a vase, a scented candle and an ashtray - each trimmed with a luminous gold edge and decorated with the Versace Medusa symbol nestled in an intricate Baroque motif.

Liana Bicchieri