Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour in Rome’s Secret Garden

28 Ottobre 2019 -
DI Redazione

Eternal. Rome is Rome with its history and culture, art and style, folklore and flair. Locals and tourists mingle along its cobbled vie to the hum of Vespas, voices and the ding of espresso cups. A trip to Italy’s capital can be a whirlwind of busy days, but when the sun sets slow down and follow the locals to a secret garden tucked away in the heart of the ancient city for a memorable cocktail hour Roman style.

Every Thursday evening from 6:30 - 9 Madre - Pizza, Ceviche & Spiriti, one of the most captivating locations in the city, celebrates with an exceptional mix of drinks and food in its suggestive garden. Lead by the dynamic duo of Chef Andrea Sacerdoti and barman Simone Lancia, the team works together to create new combinations meant to tantalize the tastebuds and quench the thirst, all accompanied by a noteworthy DJ Set.

The location itself is a spot not to be missed with its attractive and welcoming mix of design and furnishings. From the moment you enter, its like embarking on a trip as you enter a space filled with greenery, moving walls and the sound of water trickling from fountains. At Madre, it’s as if time seems to slow down making it the ideal place to finally relax from the busy day while leaning back on the large colorful sofas, sipping on a good cocktail and tucking into delicious finger foods inspired by a mix of South American, Spanish and traditional Italian cuisine, with choices ranging from the freshness of a ceviche to delicious pizza made with homemade starter dough to fragrant maritozzi, small sweet or savory sandwiches.

Sacerdoti, Madre’s young head chef, is known for having a passion for cooking which comes through in all of his food, and here he creates a menu that is tasty and unique. Each preparation is made with ingredients he enjoys carefully selecting himself, something which he learned from the great chefs who taught him - chefs of caliber and even some with stars, all figures who formed him along the way. In the kitchen, Sacerdoti manages to bring a spirit of para compartir, sharing resources to come up with recipes which bring together the tastes and scents of South America, Italy and the Mediterranean.

Madre’s menu pops with offering such as Jamón serrano croquettes, buns filled with Iberian pork, salmon and cucumbers, chick peas and baccalà - each dish chosen to highlight a particular cocktail, just like the ‘La Ultima Ola’ offered during their end of summer cocktail hour made with tequila, Campari, lime, sugar syrup, tonic water and pink pepper.

If you want to find the real heart of the location, find the cocktail bar, where Simone Lancia and the rest of the staff his staff mix up a cocktail menu of different delicious libations every evening alongside an ample selection of signature drinks made with exotic flavors and high quality spirits from Italy, South America and Spain.

Liana Bicchieri