Barbiglione Terre di Pisa Usiglian del Vescovo: a Syrah with History

09 Settembre 2019 -
DI Redazione

Once a fiefdom tracing its origins back to the Middle Ages, when in 1083 a bishop ordered the first vines to be planted on the manor, Usiglian del Vescovo is a winery located in the region of Tuscany. Today it has 25 hectares of vines dedicated to growing a number of varietals including the Syrah for their Barbiglione Terre di Pisa Doc, an elegant and sapid red which is fresh and balanced with a long finish.

These Syrah grapes, like all of those grown at Usiglian del Vescovo, are part of a distinct dedication on the part of the winery to using organic agricultural methods focused on the sustainability and conservation of the rare and fertile soil on which the vines are planted. These hills, today located in Usigliano Palaia, were millions of years ago, during the Pliocene Epoch, found at the bottom of the ocean, creating a sandy and fossil rich soil which now produces some of the finest Syrah grapes used in Barbiglione Terre di Pisa Doc.

Harvested by hand, the grapes are first placed in 200 kg bins and transported to the winery where they are de-stemmed before undergoing a selection process using a vibrating sorting belt and then finally being pressed. The juice is then macerated for between 15-20 days, depending on the vintage, at a temperature of 29°C and put in cement tanks for fermentation. Finishing begins in barriques or tonneaux for the first twelve months and then continues in the bottle for at least twelve more months.

The result is a vibrant violet-hued wine which has an intense and complex nose with obvious notes of red fruit such as blackberries and currants. On the palate the wine presents as softly enveloping before becoming intriguingly more tannic and leaving a persistent finish which is surprisingly fresh.

Barbiglione Terre di Pisa Doc makes for a truly elegant pairing with red meats, wild game and aged cheeses. Its intense floral and fruity bouquet, along with its freshness, also make it a great wine to serve with spicy flavors like curry, curcuma or chili, and a red wine of choice for Thai, Cantonese, TexMex and Indian dishes.

Liana Bicchieri