Armani’s Sweet Christmas Collection

16 Dicembre 2016 -
DI Bycam
h2 style="text-align: center">Armani's Sweet Christmas Collection

Ultra-refined Italian fashion house Armani is bringing an exclusive air of delicious lux to holiday celebrations with its 2016 Winter Holidays collection of superbly handcrafted goodies. Elegant packages exuding the sophistication for which the brand is so well known open to reveal masterfully created treats made with only the highest quality ingredients.

panettone armani dolci

A posh satiny rose gold hat box opens to unleash the most wonderful sent of this year's new addition to the brand's holiday collection – a panettone. Armani's rendition of this classic Italian holiday cake is made with a yeast starter originally used in the 1930s, a special ingredient which makes this particular panettone easy to digest and guarantees the product's freshness and unique aroma. The beautiful box is then tied with a hazelnut-colored grosgrain ribbon with the Armani label printed in bronze.

panettone armani dolci

Just like the brand's uncompromising dedication to producing the world's finest sartorial garments, Armani Dolci's panettone is made with unwavering attention to creating only the most superior cake imaginable, preparing a dough which rises for three days and which is constantly worked exclusively by hand. The raw ingredients used in the panettone are all attentively selected – ingredients such as flour with a high protein content, natural candied Navel oranges from Sibari in the south of Italy, traditional Calabrian Diamante citron, raisins imported from Turkey and Australia and the sweetest high quality Italian butter.

panettone armani dolci

The latest jewel of the Armani Dolci bakery makes for a perfect addition to the already well-known culinary delights created by the brand, which offers other delicacies for the holiday season including pandoro and flavorful twists on the traditional panettone like those made with large hazelnuts from Piedmont, pure extra dark chocolate, various candied fruits and even a special pear and chocolate combination. Other typically refined and delicious holiday baked goods on offer for Armani's Christmas edition are made with vanilla from Madagascar, are filled with cream made with the yokes of fresh Italian eggs and are even covered in a pure chocolate glaze. The holiday collection is an exclusive touch to an already irresistible assortment of sweets such as chocolates, pralines, candied chestnuts, jams, honey and chocolate hazelnut spread.

cioccolatini e panettone armani dolci

The elegance which has always distinguished Armani's brand the world over once again keeps its eye on using only the highest quality material available and mixing that attention with the savoir faire of those who know exactly how to bring together beauty and taste.

cioccolatini pandoro panettone armani dolci

Armani Dolci's products can be found at its boutique stores and caffès in cities like Milan, Paris, Munich, Dubai, Tokyo and at its 5th Avenue location in New York, as well as online.

Liana Bicchieri