Armani’s Milan Restaurant Introduces ‘Meet the Chefs’ a Star-Studded Culinary Event

14 Novembre 2016 -
DI Bycam
h2 style="text-align: center;">Armani's Milan Restaurant Introduces 'Meet the Chefs'a Star-Studded Culinary Event

Starting on November 16th Milan's elegant Armani Ristorante will host the series of events Meet the Chefs. The restaurant known for its refined ambiance, natural colors, sharp lines and a splendid view of the city, will be the location for four unique evenings spotlighting some of the world's top chefs.

Four different chefs will be the stars of Executive Chef Filippo Gozzoli's kitchen at the Armani Ristorante. The idea is to create opportunities to highlight moments that focus on a meeting of creativity and experimentation while bringing together some of the culinary world's best talent.

meet the chefs armani ristorante

Meet the Chefs will begin on November 16th with Paco Perez, owner of Ristorante Miramar di Llancà which has earned two Michelin stars. Perez is well-known as one of the Iberian Peninsula's most avant-guard chefs for his contemporary and innovative cooking style.

Throughout the evening his creativity will make its way through courses which bring out the flavors of the garden – with dishes made with artichokes, carrots and minestrone and then moving on to asparagus, almonds and olives. The culinary flair of Paco Perez is sure to shine with his signature calamari pirata and with his seabass served with sea cucumber in fricandò.

The evening's menu will open and close with two creations by Chef Gozzoli – a starter of soft baccalà served with a balsamic vinegar reduction and oyster chips, then ending with a dessert made with raspberry cream, caviar and marshmallows.

meet the chefs armani ristorante

The next event will be held on January 26th with visiting chef Gert De Mangeleer, owner of the restaurant Hertog Jan which has earned three Michelin stars. De Mangeleer is known for his modern take on Belgian cuisine and his high energy. Today he is considered to be one of the top young chefs from Flanders.

meet the chefs armani ristorante

The third date for Meet the Chefs will see Armani Ristorante host José Avillez on March 9th. Avillez is the first local chef to earn two Michelin stars for his restaurant Belcano in Lisbon. He is known for taking traditional Portuguese cooking to new frontiers with creations that are passionate and innovative.

meet the chefs armani ristorante

The final event will be held on May 11th with the participation of chef Sergio Herman who, after earning three Michelin stars in Holland, is now creating delicacies in Anversa at The Jane. The restaurant is known for its relaxing and informal cosmopolitan style and has already earned two Michelin stars.

For those wishing to participate in or find further information regarding one of the four Meet the Chef events call the number+39 02 88838888 or write to